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Bowflex Revolution Review

In all my years of working as a personal trainer in Southern California I have never seen such an unusual appearing piece of exercise equipment as the Bowflex Revolution. At first I was somewhat skeptical, because I have seen new developments in the industry come and go. Also, I have been using Bowflex fitness machines for some time now in my gym and it is hard to imagine there being an improvement on the highly effective power rod system.

Is The Revolution Worth the Price?

Another thing is that the Revolution isn’t as cheap to buy, as other Bowflex models are (you can read the product review here), so when I was trying the revolution out I was somewhat concerned about the $2500 price tag. After all, I have two machines in my gym that work just fine, so it truly had to out perform what I had to make me a buyer. However; by the time I was through testing the Revolution out I was ready to make the switch, which I have done and my clients all love these new machines.

For a home owner this may be a little difficult to comprehend and that is understandable. However; it is important to point out that in the business that I am in it is important to always have the very latest that is available for my clients. After all, I did start out years ago with old fashioned weight stack machines and if I wasn’t willing to change and adapt I would still be using them, which is inconceivable.

A Difference in Technology

The first thing that struck me about the Bowlfex Revolution is that there aren’t the usual power rods that are the main focal point of Bowflex machines in general as you can read the full review over at CK Fitness. In this machine they have been replaced by what is called SpiraFlex technology. Its no gimmick either, because it was originally developed by NASA for astronauts to use to ward off muscle deterioration during long stays in zero gravity.

The SpiraFlex discs don’t look anything like power rods. In fact, they look more like a conventional round weight that you will find on a classic barbell set. The similarities end there however, because the tension that these state of the art discs provide is created by a revolutionary type of coiled spring that is contained in each SpiraFlex disc. They deliver 220 pounds of resistance for arm and upper chest exercises, 440 pounds for legs and can be easily upgraded to 300 and 600 pounds.

The Revolution comes equipped with a total of 14 discs that are interchangeable depending on the amount of resistance that is required for each exercise. Four of the plates offer 10 pounds of resistance. Four of them offer 20, there are two of them that offer 40 and four that offer 5 pounds. What this means is that they are simply added on to combine up to what ever total resistance you need, just like you would on a barbell set. The difference being that they are much lighter and far easier to handle.

The bench upholstering on the Revolution is made from the same high grade, durable composite material that all the benches on all Bowflex fitness machines are upholstered with. Its a polyurethane fabric that is fused with a polivinylchloride substrate. Its the exact same material that is used in the automotive industry to upholster seats with and its as durable as you can get. It resists cracking, is perfectly comfortable and easily delivers years of service under heavy use conditions, which I like.

bowflex machine

Plenty of Different Exercises

This machine delivers over 100 exercises which is a heck of a lot to choose from. The two handles also operate fully independent from each other which makes this machine so easy to use. The Revolution also comes equipped with easy to use handles that are great to use for standing arm exercises. Also, the rowing feature on the Revolution is super comfortable to use as well. It functions the same as the rowing mechanism on my other Bowflex machines in my gym with one difference and that is the the SpiraFlex discs produce a much smoother resistance action.

If you are at all concerned about the level of reliability that all of the new technology in this machine contains, you don’t have to be. Thats because the revolution comes with a standard ten year warranty. Also, without the power rods this machine is somewhat more compact which I also liked however, it is a longer machine that other Bowflex models. Of course it easily folds and rolls as well, so it is super easy to stack aside to create more room in my gym if the need arises.

My Overall View of the Revolution

While the Revolution is somewhat more expensive then other Bowflex fitness machine models, it does contain some features that can only be found in this particular machine. For one thing it doesn’t use bows and some people including myself find that the SpiraFlex discs are a little bit smoother functioning. Also, as far as the over all number of exercises go this machine is tops. Also, for someone who requires a higher level of resistance, particularly for leg exercises this would be the machine to deliver it.

Blue Topaz Gemstone Jewelry

The blue topaz gemstone is a marvelous choice in jewelry. It is said to be a “semi-precious” stone. What does that mean? All gems are purer, clearer, or more crystalline forms of common minerals. Common minerals are less spectacular, less beautiful, and not so fashionable. Nonetheless, the makeup of the stones is the same. Diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are examples of true gems. Other stones are classified as semiprecious or ornamental. The value of a gem is generally determined by its scarcity and demand. Other factors include luster, transparency, color, and hardness.

blue topaz gemstones and ringsLuster is determined by the way a gem reflects light. Transparent gems also refract or bend light. These gems are cut in such a way as to bend the light back to the eye of the person examining the stone. http://tanzaniteringshq.com explains that color can add or detract greatly from a gem’s value. Many stones are found in a variety of colors and their value is further defined by the scarcity or abundance of each particular color. Hardness is important in terms of wear ability and life of the stone. The harder the stone the better it resists scratching.

Transparent gems are strikingly beautiful. Their color and hardness match that of most other stones, but their luster and brilliance give them a commercial value peculiar to themselves. Most transparent gems are oxides of metal elements. Some transparent gems such as ruby and sapphire are identical in mineral composition and differ only in color. The value of the stones is largely determined by their lack of flaws, color brilliance, transparency, and size.

Topaz is commonly a yellow gemstone but is found in colors including yellow, blue, green, violet, clear, and brown. Topaz is slippery, with a slick surface not found in other minerals. Some large crystals have been found weighing more than 600 pounds. The most important commercial source of Topaz is Brazil. Topaz is believed by some to possess mystical powers. These powers are said to increase when there is a new moon or when it is full in the sign of Scorpio. The wearer of the stone is supposed to be open to receiving strong impressions from astral sources.

Mystical or not, the topaz gemstone can be a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection. Among the most beautiful of all semi-precious gemstones is the blue topaz. The sparkle and brilliance of a blue topaz necklace or bracelet can make the wearer feel like royalty. Its rich, cool color catches the light and reflects it back to the beholder. Blue topaz is a stunning gemstone for all occasions. Treat yourself or someone you love to the feeling of elegance that comes with wearing exquisite blue topaz gemstone jewelry today!

Beautiful blue topaz gemstone bracelets make the perfect gift — even when you’re treating yourself!  Whether a lithe tennis bracelet for every day or something more substantial for evening wear, your choice should reflect the personality of the wearer.  Sassy and smart, sleek and sophisticated, elegant and graceful — whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Additional Source: http://tanzaniteringshq.com/jewelry